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We've been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy.

Vedicware is a fully integrated agency with a 360 Degree approach to web services. We’re an India based boutique organization with a team of vetted professionals who provide agile and effective solutions that generate results. We believe in partnering with our clients and build a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship.

Our Services
We're Creative

We are driven by our passion to innovate. With our creative juices flowing, we never cease to design exceptional user experience and amaze our clients.

We’re Result Oriented

Our approach is goal centric. Each step is calculated towards bringing out the best in your brand. With expertise and experience, we strive to give you the best of both the worlds.

We’re Accessible

We don’t hide to bounce back with the final product. We love talking! Drop us a line and we’ll reply within minutes. Unless, there’s a buffet with jazz music on!

We’re Global

Our excellence in providing outstanding web solution takes us all around the globe. Geographically placed in India, our clients are spread across the world.


Branding communicates your story to the customers and establishes a valued relationship with them. Let us help you blow your horn to the world with our Branding Strategy.

Web Development

Your website is the face of your business. Create your web identity, customizable with the latest technology platforms with us.


Mobile is the growth hack of today. We create comprehensive mobile apps for android and iOS, making your business accessible to your customers on the go

Social Media

Be where your audience is and make your presence felt. We create strategies that promote your brand to the right people at the right time, and generate engagements for your product.

The Team


Roshin self identifies himself as a dandy. A no claptrap person, he will most likely be found networking at a cigar lounge. His survival kit would be incomplete without a cigar, a suit, his laptop, and a ticket to Italy. Giving close competition to Don Draper from Mad Men, this creative genius is the one stop solution for any luxury brand aspiring to enter the digital world.

Jugal Kapadiya

A gadget freak, Jugal cannot function without unplugged music in the background. He likes the idea of reading and waking up early in the morning. With a brain of an analyst, you can usually spot him with his wireless headphones, sipping on gallons of green tea while examining websites and coming up with creative design solutions. If not Vedicware, he’d have taken up bbq-ing as a full time profession.

Vritika Thareja

An English Literature major, she is a theatre enthusiast, a Game of Thrones fanatic and a proud bathroom singer. She is in a loyal relationship with her headphones, and is a self proclaimed story-teller. A people person and usually high on life, when not writing, she is mainly engrossed in India-Pakistan partition stories, tv series, or food recipes.


Our Philosophy

“To create the Future, You must understand the Past”, a quote that inspired us to search through the roots to discover the cultural advancements of ancient India. The way we use the internet today is changing the face of the planet and humanity. This is the era of awareness, of wisdom and knowledge- precisely what the sanskrit word ‘Veda’ stands for. Vedicware believes in the power of Knowledge and Wisdom of our team to  deliver unmatched services. You will find here, the right blend of creative energies and contemporary skills, innovating with steadfast acuity.

Co - Brain

Understanding your requirements with high level of clarity is key for us. Brainstorming sessions over a cup of coffee at our premises or skype can do the trick. The ultimate goal is to deliver the right product.

Co - Suggest

Once we have the essential information, our team will conduct a 360 degree analysis on various dynamics of the project to prepare suitable suggestions for you.

Co - Build

Unlike other agencies, our objective is to involve you in the building phase rather than delivering the final version straight away. A constructive feedback from your end would only help us improvise better before reaching the final stage: an efficient approach to save time.

Co - Review

Once the deliverables are in their final stage, our team will review the project with you to make sure every feedback is taken into account to achieve accuracy

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You don’t have to dig deep. Give us a call or better yet, drop by to say hi. Coffee’s on us!
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Opp. Santram Tower, Santram Road,
Nadiad (GJ, India), 387001.

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